Monday, 28 January 2013

Reading Eggs Apps

Here I am pining for an iPad again.  This time over the fabulous Reading Eggs apps available to download, thankfully more are becoming available on Android, but I really fancy the Targeting Maths 3 app.  My son is doing well with his reading and now his writing, but Maths has probably been slightly neglected!  It is hard trying to squeeze in all the things we plan to help our children with, teaching them to swim, learning to ride without stabilizers and saying please and thank you (along with a million other hopes and aspirations!), so little apps to lend a hand to us frazzled parents whilst still helping our children achieve can only be a good thing.

We downloaded at our own cost Eggy Alphabet, the codes the lovely PR had were only for iPads but given how much my eldest seems to be gaining from all things Reading Eggs, I thought I could afford to splash out on the princely sum of £1.20.  Yes £1.20 seriously how can you go wrong for such a fabulous price and its lots of fun too, so eldest happily plays it without putting up a fight!  He has become more stubborn about certain things, because his end game is to get on Skylanders on the Wii but if the app has enough to motivate him, he still will be persuaded thankfully!  With dot-to-dot, drawing and the highlight of earning those famous golden eggs he could not get enough of it.

Also available is Eggy 250 (£1.17), which helps your child recognise 250 words by sight.  This serves as a huge boost to their reading capability as once they can recognise lots of individual words, it becomes easier for them to read full sentences.

For the prices involved I can highly recommend purchasing their apps, the learning benefits are extremely helpful AND if you need something to keep the kids focused whilst they are waiting for a doctors appointment for example, viola instant calm concentration, rather than them running amuck!  Relocating the many magazines and leaflets, saying hi to the ailing person next to them far too many times or running around looking far too healthy all of a sudden just before their appointment… (I speak from experience!).

You can find out more about the Reading Eggs apps from their website.

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