Friday, 25 January 2013

Reading Eggs Book Packs

We have loved the reading eggs program so much, I was thrilled to hear they have physical book packs to further support and encourage learning.  Eldest was very excited when the package arrived containing the Mega Book Pack (Stage 1 and Stage 2 books).  These are excellent resource materials, I was impressed with how much was included, in addition to lots of little reading books you have activity books, flashcards and stickers.

From the online program the hatching of the egg at the end of a lesson is one of the highlights for my eldest.  He was very pleased to see the stickers included were the characters from the eggs online.  Once you have completed the books you can then add the sticker over the egg on a handy poster.  You can then proudly display their achievements on their bedroom wall, to further encourage them, showering them with praise!  Reading Eggs is also a good way to keep me on track, supporting him in a suitable fashion, with materials pitched at the right level, as left to my own devices I could start unrealistically, pitching it too difficult for him (war and peace anyone?).

This set costs £69.95 (alongside a subscription) and given how much eldest has got out of this program in its entirety I would definitely recommend it.  As a parent I was at a loss where to start with teaching him to read, obviously I had plenty of books and would read to him regularly but Reading Eggs gives more structure and incentives to keep learning.  I love that the activity books help with their writing too, so they will not only be confident readers but have improved their handwriting too.  Everything is colourful and targeted well to children 4-7 (for the Mega Book Pack), so they will have no problem maintaining their interest and concentration.  The activities are quite broad too; colouring, tracing, dot-to-dot, finding puzzles etc so lots of variety.

Reading Eggs really works, when my son’s Welsh primary school start English reading, I think they will be pleasantly surprised with how advanced he already is!

Thank you Reading Eggs for giving my son something fun and educational to do whilst off from school with chicken pox.  Next week we will review their app Eggy Alphabet.

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