Monday, 14 January 2013

Tomy Dinosaur Train InterAction Toys

It was very exciting for my two being sent six of the dinosaurs from this fantastic new range!  They are quite attached to them already.  Youngest has been giving them lots of kisses!  His favourite is Boris the Ultimate T-Rex, mainly I think because its actually as loud as he is… they can ROAR together and least it burns off some of his unlimited energy!

Kisses for Boris

They are popular with the boys mates visiting on playdates, they cannot help but head straight to them to see what all the fuss is about.  They look quite striking, bright and colourful, with realistic (but super friendly) dinosaur features.  That’s before they really shine with all the interactive chatting they get up to, when a dinosaur introduces itself to the group, they all say hi in unison.  They are quite a lively bunch, bursting into song at a moments notice.

They seem well made, youngest has sat on the Ultimate T-Rex and he deserves his name sake as he survived the experience!  Although I do not recommend testing them quite so extremely!  But the quality must be there for it not to have broken under the stress!!!

Boris is built to last!

Video of them in action to follow in the next few days, when hubbie does his editing duties!  Bless I do work him hard...

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