Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Baby Bump Style

It’s an exciting time for pregnancies; you’re in good company with Kate Middleton.  The poor love cannot be left to bloom in peace though like I did!  Every little thing she does or says will be analysed and reported back on.  But I guess it’s the price you pay for marrying a Prince.  I guess it does afford certain luxuries, I made do with my sister in laws maternity clothes cast off’s, lovely Kate can be decked out in the finest the land as to offer.  I am guessing Tiffany Rose might be a contender; it’s a good thing I did not stumble upon this site whilst I was pregnant, as I would have been begging hubbie to let me have one of those dresses - with all that style, glamour and most importantly stretch…

This could have been me (although sadly I was more likely to be seen sporting maternity combats!):

I wonder if Kate has watched What To Expect When You’re Expecting, to give her some tips!  My dad gave me the most hilarious film to watch prior to giving birth, it was intended to be a guide in childbirth and ended up more like a comedy.  The woman suggested giving yourself Chinese burns as a taster for the pain of childbirth!  Well I am not sure if the woman had ever experienced childbirth herself as the pain scale of a Chinese burn to a HEAD popping out of your lady bit is not exactly in the same league!!!

Perhaps I should have worked on my dad and I would have got me a Tiffany Rose dress instead of that DVD!  Sigh.  Although he did give me a good giggle, luckily I did not go into the birth unrealistically.  I knew it might hurt and it did.  Am sure Kate Middleton will handle it well, with a stiff upper lip and glow from beginning to end!

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