Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Bigsby Gets a Pet Mouse

We love our adorable Bigsby interactive toy and were quite happy to review the new storybook “Bigsby Gets a Pet Mouse”.  My youngest and I enjoy following the story and hearing Bigsby respond in his own way to highlighted text.  He is a soft loveable monster, who you cannot help but want to squeeze and cuddle! 

"Bigsby Gets a Pet Mouse" was written by the YR1A ‘Van Gough’ class at Victoria Primary School in Leeds, the winners of the Hallmark writing competition.  Having children involved in the writing process might be why the book was such a success with my boys; it is aimed well for primary school aged children.

The book also teaches children to respect wildlife and hopefully would deter my boys from bringing random animals home as pets!  I was a little terror when I was younger, I would go on a school shopping trip and come home with a pet rabbit!  My parents never knew what I would add next to our menagerie.

If you already have a Bigsby in residence I would definitely recommend purchasing one of these sweet little books, as 50% of all sales go straight back into developing the school that won!  Well done them.

Available to buy from Hallmark for £3

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  1. Oh Bigsby is adorable! I so want one for when Dexis older. Perfect for my little monster x