Sunday, 17 February 2013

Born to Ride

As a family when we are both off we like to take the children on family days out, they love animals so a firm favourite is a trip to the Zoo.  But now the weather is improving they could not resist a quick donkey ride.

It is good practise for when they have their horse-riding lesson on holiday in a few months.  Maybe I should get them a set of jodhpurs and a pair of riding boots each so they look the part!  Not forgetting the safety essential of a decent helmet. 

If they enjoy their horse riding whilst away I might have to make it a regular thing.  It would be great for them to have some new interests.  Currently we have karate and trampolining but there is always room to squeeze in something else!  Least we can easily search the nearest horse-riding centre online, so it might not be long before I have two little horse riding champions in the making!  It is a great physical exercise and I love encouraging them to be outdoors.  Unfortunately like hubbie, eldest is already turning into an avid computer gamer, so I do like to balance his interests in favour of leaving the screen momentarily!

My boys were a teeny bit nervous about the whole horse riding idea but when I mentioned they were only little horses they soon cheered up!  They thought I had planned for them to ride some stallions (bigger than Daddy) and there was some understandable reservations.  Once I said the horses are the same size as the donkeys on the beach they started getting excited for their holiday and the horse riding session to take place.

Now they have all settled with the plan, I just need to train the youngest to approach the horse in a suitable manner.  Just incase he has plans to don his cowboy hat and ride off into the sunset…

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