Monday, 11 February 2013

Breakfast Time

My mum is a little obsessed with muesli, she has a whole tried and tested formula where she soaks it in water, adds bits and bobs (seeds and nuts) then eats it all with natural yoghurt.  To be honest it looks pretty complicated and just reaching for a breakfast cereal from the cupboard and pouring directly in the bowl is enough for myself to cope with in the morning!  With my eyes all bleary from having settled in the boys in the night, just finding the cereal cupboard is a good start!!!

With the cold weather chilling us to the bones, I wish I loved porridge like my dad.  After he has been out walking the dog, there is nothing like a warming bowl of it to defrost him.

The boys seem to want a mini banquet for breakfast, cereal, and then yoghurt followed by toast (with chocolate spread or jam depending on their mood!).  Then they wash it down with lots of milk, before demanding their chewy vitamin tablet!  Often I find we do not have long in the morning, as fitting in all that food seems to leave us little time for the washing and dressing part before the mad sprint to school, just before the bell rings!

My ideal breakfast would be a giant stack of pancakes, freshly squeezed orange juice and maybe a calorie infused Danish to top it off!  Ideally with the boys having a sleepover at my mum’s so I get to enjoy it all in peace.  Followed by a therapeutic cup of tea and I would be ready to face anything…

Hubbie on the other hand would probably want a full cooked breakfast with all the trimmings (laden down with lard!).  But I am quite partial to sausages and bacon myself; finally being well again as a family the thought of all food is quite tempting!  For a few days of my chest infection I could barely manage to drink without feeling sick!  Now I just want to make up for it with eating EVERYTHING…


  1. i love porriage and have it every day except saturday where like your hubby the bacon sarnies come out. hope you feel welll soon xx

  2. Those look awesome. I'm not a big breakfast person mainly the cereal bars x