Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Craving a New Phone

My mobile phone is not a brick, but it’s not very exciting either, it cannot take a photograph, connect to the Internet and it certainly does not have a fancy game in its possession.  

Here it is in all its glory...

It is functional (barely) but boring, I long for the excitement of a shiny new phone like my husbands Samsung Galaxy.  But I want one better after making do with my sad sorry phone for so long I want the Samsung Galaxy S3, then it would be hubbie pining for my phone for a change.

I could impress the boys with an array of fabulous downloaded apps, like hubbie always seems to have on his phone.  They do not really even ask to use mine, it is so dull!

I could whip out my phone and actually have a camera to hand for photo opportunities (I miss so many with my unimpressive basic Nokia boo hiss!) and I could surf the net checking emails wherever I am – once I missed a fabulous opportunity from a PR because I only check my emails at home and I tend to be out and about at times.  But with the Samsung Galaxy in my possession I would no longer miss anything, I could reply straight away (and slowly take over the blogging world… cue evil laughter!!!).  Instead of seeing opportunities slip through my fingers again and again.

Am off to browse through Carphone Warehouse and perhaps leave some subtle hints for hubbie to treat me to one for Mother’s Day, after cutting back and having nothing for Christmas or Valentines, surely I deserve a treat at some point!!!  Although I do think he likes having the flasher phone of the pair of us.  It makes him feel important… men and their gadgets sigh!

The S3 would have him chomping at the bit, with some of its very clever features.  I love that it can track eye movement so it knows your looking at it, and the display stays bright then only if you turn away it dims.  I really need a smart phone, stamps feet, throws a tantrum and looks at hubbie pointedly!!!  Maybe if I lie on the floor screaming I might get his attention (it seems to work for the kids!).  Good thing I have started researching on the web how to get my own way…

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