Friday, 22 February 2013

Discovering Polarn O. Pyret

We had been exceptionally lucky getting lots of clothes off my cousin for my boys (her son must only wear them for 5 minutes as they are always immaculate when they are passed on to us!), which had saved us a small fortune, but our supplies have dried up now as they do not visit as often!  Sigh.

So it was time to scour the Internet, I am all for shopping local but lets just say the shops in ruralville (in other words the sticks where I live!) are severely limited!  If I stuck to the main clothes shop here, my boys would be dressed exactly the same as most of the children in town (all mini clones of each other!).  Luckily I found a selection of kids clothes from Polarn O. Pyret.  In a way its nice to actually do some shopping for them as its great getting bits and bobs off family, but on occasion its lovely to pick out items I think they might like, even if it means opening my wallet (and dusting out the cobwebs!).

There were some lovely bits that caught my eye and fortunately they look like a site with offers on (20% of all new coats at the moment), as I am always hopeful of saving money when raising kids.  Some items were very colourful and a little more unique than normal.  I have fallen for the Jelly Monsters Beanie, just a real pity it only comes in children sizes.  A nice bright hat would help cheer away those winter blues…

What happened to the popularity of the simple balaclava when I was a child, it was all the rage!  Maybe I should also invest in a couple of them, to see if they can make a come back...
With the bitter cold wind forget the cheeky Jelly Monsters maybe we really need this!  I wonder if I can get them to wear it in the house and then save more money not needing the heating on!

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