Thursday, 14 February 2013

Ecover Young Green Champions Award

You have to share news when you think a company is doing something pretty special!  When I heard about the Ecover sponsored Young Green Champions Award, I was actually quite keen for my boys school to enter, just imagine the difference the £6,000 prize money would make.  As long as you’re under 18 you can enter your idea over at

Young Green Champions 2013 Photograph: Ron Levine for the Guardian

Entries close midnight on the 22nd of March, so plenty of time for your little ones to start brainstorming green schemes, whether it’s having a vegetable plot, improving recycling or something to help the local wildlife.  Give them lots of paper and colouring supplies and enjoy watching them think it out (leaving you time to put your feet up for a little while ideally!).  Who knows they might surprise you and come up with something completely revolutionary...

My boys already have a very green school, it is great that the environment is an important consideration for them.  Fortunately they do have a normal uniform and do not go round as caped green crusaders though!  That get up might be harder for me to wash (although I do have my trusty Ecover laundry gel at hand).

Let me know if your little ones have entered and all the best to them!

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