Monday, 4 February 2013

My MAD 2013 nominations

I am quite a faddish person, when I want something I get my teeth stuck in!  I am all or nothing.  But once I have achieved it, I have a merry little dance or if I don’t quite make the mark I just sulk quietly for a day or two, then usually bounce back like Tigger looking for the next little project.

The highlight for last year was to get into the Tots100 listing, I made it in at ninety something took a screen shot and did not mind exiting shortly afterwards!  Tick one achievement done.

I also wanted to be a toyologist for Toys R Us and on the third year of applying managed to get that in the back of the net!  As it turned out it did not quite work out (long story not particularly pleasant or interesting!) but the point is the boys and I got it (then left it before commencing box 3!).

This year I was pining for a higher google page rank and today I did it with a juicy (for me anyway) number 3!  I should not have got up and done the merry dance I mentioned earlier, as with the chest infection making most of my body tender I really felt the full effect of it on my poor body!!!

But when it comes to The MADS 2013 nominations I am flattered to have been nominated by a few lovely people.  Although like Christmas I am keener on dishing out some nominations rather than receiving them, as my MADS winning campaign fad has not quite hit me yet! 

Maybe next year I will decide I want a crack at it, then god help the poor blogging community, I might be round knocking on your door, asking to kiss your baby, putting my face on billboards and making speeches about how I will improve blogging for everyone whilst handing out cupcakes… until then rest easy my dears and watch out for these TOP blogging friends of mine:

Attachment Mummy

A blog I love dipping in to and catching up with every few days, she has been a TOTS100 good read already, so your know your reading award winning stuff here!  Or you can just admire the cute pictures of the cats and snap up some great shopping ideas, whatever you do, you will leave pleasantly refreshed.

Susan K Mann

A lovely blogger with a heart of gold, always happy to help.  Lots of diverse topics to read about and beautiful pictures of her newly expanded family.  She is a key member of the blogging community regularly involved in bloghops (so basically a good egg!).

This is Life

A firm favourite of mine, a great blog to see delightful meals (just incase I ever aspire to cook anything other than baked beans!) and very interesting posts about traveling in Taiwan and Hong Kong.  Posts so well written with lots of detail and pictures, I do not need to go on holiday to Thailand now, I can live vicariously through my adorable friend!  Getting a rich taste of the culture and traditions.

Unique Young Mum

For a new blogger she has become well established with remarkable speed, she has an uncanny strength at fitting into the blogging community (aside from the occasional clash I am sure she would admit too ha!) and I have enjoyed reading her perspective as a younger mum and how age has influenced her experience of parenting (in comparison at 34 I am feeling positively ancient, thanks for that hun!).

I did vote for some more people but am tired now, so that's your lot sorry!

Nominations close on the 18th of February, so take your time to soak up the atmosphere and pick your favourites (or mine if your stuck, after all I would love to see one of them as a winner!).


  1. Thank you so much! That's so lovely of you and yes I have to admit I do speak my mind too much aha x

  2. Thank you so much lovely for the mention & kind words. Big hugs n xx