Tuesday, 26 February 2013

My Power Ranger in the Making

My son has loved being a Samurai ranger courtesy of a little help with a fabulous set by BANDAI, RRP £19.99.  Children naturally love role-play and even though he has not seen much Power Rangers on television, he took to the role of a masked protector of all that is good with real enthusiasm!

Eldest really enjoyed changing the coloured discs on the sword, saying he was changing his powers and giving me a little demonstration of what he thought each colour would do!  Then declaring “good one” with zest!  He liked the case to carry the things you need (so he said) but generally it just carries the spare discs… he enjoyed the mask wearing saying he could hide and everyone would think he was a REAL Power Ranger fighting against baddies.

Good set for imaginative play, I just had to keep an eye out for a sword being wielded around.  But if you’re quick to duck, you should be safe with this new toy addition in your home!  The plastic does bend so if you do take a direct hit its not too bad…

He had quite an active workout with all the sword swishing, so a helpful way to get your children up and moving.  The only problem is he has got a real taste for wearing the Power Ranger gear and has spotted the other items you can buy separately to complete his new look!!!

My boys were also sent a Morphin Vehicle RRP £5.99 (what every self respecting Power Range in training needs to keep themselves amused!), these are quite good fun as you can transform them to some degree (moving the weapons to various positions).  Boys love cars, but the excitement of anything extra helps with the length of time they will play with them.  We had a mini squabble over who would play with this first.  So it did generate some interest from my pair!

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