Thursday, 21 February 2013

Tetley Estate Selection Review

I love a decent cup of tea.  I am no tea connoisseur by a long shot; I cannot stand green tea, fruit tea and anything too far removed from English breakfast type tea!  I drink it black, without sugar, some people turn their nose up and say how can you drink it without sugar - well if your chomping back as much cake as I am whilst drinking the tea, that’s how!  I am getting an adequate sugar fix with all of that…

I have found a new tea I love, its called Tetley Estate Selection; it does have quite a ring to it!  Sounds quite fancy with the “Estate Selection” part of its title, like I am a woman with my own over-the-top manor in the country (complete with manicured gardens and a pond with lavish fountains!).  It is tea picked from the best areas of the Kenyan highlands but priced so we can still afford to drink it and enjoy the finer things in life!

Here I am getting ready to have some ME time!  Complete with my dotty teapot and mandatory chocolate.

This makes for a great tasting refreshing cuppa.  Go on spoil yourself!

Available to buy from Tesco now.

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