Monday, 18 February 2013

The Sapphires DVD Review

It is great when I have DVD’s to review as it forces me to take time out and snuggle in with hubbie, otherwise I might always be up burning the midnight blogging oil!  It’s a double bonus when the film is actually very enjoyable.

I found myself having a bit of a soft spot for the character Dave (played by Chris O’Dowd), the loveable rogue, who enjoys much drinking of Whisky but has a canny eye for spotting talent.  The film has some hilarious quotes “wrack off goat face” – I shall adopt this when I am disgruntled with people…

Very funny film, with lots of dry humour, but with an undercurrent of deeper concerns, such as the war, tensions with race and plenty of squabbling family issues (with a very outspoken older sister at the helm!).

Kay the cousin chooses to ditch a Tupperware party and join the sisters at a wild sailor party (I am so there with her on that!) and be part of the group to sing soul for the troops in Vietnam.  I am not a huge fan of singing films, but with an excellent cast of very real actors and an absorbing plot, I was very pleasantly surprised.

This film really does have everything, even a sprinkling of romance.  It would make a lovely gift for a deserving mum come Mothers Day (you can team it up with a big box of chocolates to be savoured with the film fest!).

Available to rent and own on DVD from the 4th of March (RRP £15.99).

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