Sunday, 10 February 2013

Tiger Onesie Review

My two were happy being tigers prowling around in this costume, bearing their teeth and claws.  They are great fun for children to role-play, coming up with imaginative uses for the costume.  This is a fabulous site for Childrens Animal Onesies, with plenty of variety; the quality and the detailing were both good.  Youngest particularly loved having a tail and I liked the stitching on the hood.

Priced at £34.95 they would make a lovely birthday gift, the only problem you might find is getting them out of it again.  Eldest seemed to think it was quite comfy!  Nice for snuggling in for winter (whilst looking pretty cool may I add!), they are quite loose fitting so you will get plenty of wear out of them.  They come in one size suitable for 5 to 9 years old, but my almost 4 year old fitted in quite nicely, with lots of room to grow (as you can see below!).

These can double as PJ’s, they are really that snugly but we will be using our Tiger Onesie for dressing up time!  It is too nice to be hidden away in bed; it needs to be worn accompanied with roaring for maximum effect… (don't feed the wild animals they may bite!).

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