Tuesday, 19 February 2013

#TreeFuTomToys Twitter Party

Well we survived our third twitter party, I can relax and breath easy now the pair of them are fast asleep and everything is restored to order!  This one fitted in quite nicely as it was close to the 4th birthday of my youngest.  Although he is querying me constantly now about his actual birthday!  So maybe I was not as clever as I thought.

The toys really impressed me, the Tree Fu Tom Magic Moves Rap Mat especially.  When I brought this out I got the attention of the group of 10 children instantly!  They gathered around me like bears to honey!  They were all desperate to give it a try.  It was a fabulous game for a party, it was easy to set up and incredible fun to play.  An active workout to burn off some of their crazy energy levels!!!  The two levels of difficulty was helpful so they can build up their skill at dancing gradually (youngest had a few sneaky turns before the party to get a head start on his competition!).

With mainly a bunch of boys intent on wrestling I was lucky they were easily diverted by the selection of imaginative, well thought out toys.  Meaning I could relax and take a time out from playing referee.  They loved the Tree Fu Tom stickers, their reward from colouring in.  

They were also keen to learn more about the characters, some of the children were not yet familiar with the show.  So had yet to set eyes on the bling of a Super Holopax (which youngest was keen to flash around his friends!).

After all the active play I was quite happy for them to have a well earnt chippy tea and a few chocolaty snacks!  Youngest went to bed telling me he loved me to infinity, thanks to Tree Fu Tom Toys and UKMums.TV for letting me host the party.  I have a feeling this little group of children will sleep well tonight!

You can read more about the new range of toys over at the Flair website.

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