Thursday, 14 March 2013

Adventures in Zambezia Review

This was a very colourful film, filled with plenty of giggles and some beautiful scenic animation of waterfalls and the sky lit up.  I watched it tucked up with youngest; it was an indulgent treat watching a whole film with him (in between running off to keep him topped up in snacks!).

I enjoyed the African theme and the accompanying music.  I guess it’s along the same lines as the Legends of the Guardians film, but I still feel it offers plenty of original bits to make it worth a watch and adding to a family DVD collection. 

The story is all about Kai a little falcon that wants to explore, making friends and craves adventure.  He feels he is just surviving with his dad, being trained to be a capable flyer but restricted by boundaries (and the requirement to keep building a wooden fence!).  He decides to head to Zambezia, a beautiful city in a treetop filled with a colony of birds.  But a mean nasty lizard has plans to overtake the city with the help of a side-lined group of birds, the Marabou Storks.

It is exciting seeing the birds work together to save the day (and stop everyone becoming lizard snacks!).  My son really enjoyed the film, he laughed out loud, he got really involved when the bad guys were up to mischief and sighed with relief when the good guys were saved!

This film will be released on the 18th of March and is available on pre-order for £9.70 from Amazon.

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