Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Baker Days Mother’s Day Review

Well it was meant to be my Mother’s day treat… I say meant very loosely as when my boys clocked sight on the Baker Days cake any chance of that was quickly scuppered!

Eldest was using all his restraint not to eat it straight away!  So much for it being MY cake!

The top of the cake was very appealing, a pretty design perfect for the occasion (if it had lasted till then mind!).  I had my work out picking which cake to review, there is such a fabulous selection to pick from their website.

I liked how you are left with a reusable little tin, am sure it would come in handy to store something (possibly some of the boys extensive pom-poms and sequin collection for arts and craft time which otherwise are scattered around the house!!!).  It is good to be left with something, as the cake disappears a little too fast!  For one it is very tasty, a moist fresh sponge, with an appealing bit of butter icing inside.  We reviewed the plain sponge, but I must admit to be pining for a fruitcake or possibly the double chocolate chip one (or just eating them all in one sitting!).

The message on our cake was very apt, "put your feet up and relax, love the boys".  I would love nothing more than to spend a restful mother’s day doing exactly that, but unfortunately I shall be off to work instead!  Although having cakes like these help keep a smile on my face regardless…

The cake arrived well packaged.  They can fit through the letterbox, but my postman knocked, I think we both look forward to our morning chats!

Our cake would have cost £14.99 including delivery.  I think if you give yourself tiny portions and try and stretch it out you might think it’s gone further, but with two beady-eyed cake-hunting boys, it was gone in seconds!!!  With the personalisation and the inclusive delivery I would be tempted to treat my nearest and dearest to one of their cakes.

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  1. i had one on mothers day and really was worth the money what ever my daughter paid for it