Thursday, 21 March 2013

Cutting Back

Making money stretch is a creative art form these days!  It is so hard with the food shop seemingly more expensive every week.  I am trying my best to save a few pounds by starting to buy own brands.  Today I picked up the Co-op Cherry Bakewells and Apple Pies for £1.50 (on offer), when usually I would have reached for Mr Kipling without a second glance, which would have cost £1.55 alone…

They tasted as nice, if not nicer, so from now on I am going to see how cheaply I can buy without compromising on taste.  Seriously I have to stop turning my nose up at own branded names!  Especially with how much food my two and their friends get through on all their playdates.

A credit card can also be useful to help with budgeting; you can have a month’s grace on any shopping you have bought.  We found this useful with all the decorating going on here.  We needed furniture and waiting till payday was out of the question (we had clothes everywhere, three rooms minus wardrobes, you can just imagine the chaos!), so a credit card is helpful to tide you by until the wages come in.

But why settle with any credit card when you can pick one that rewards you when you shop.  I feel like my bank accounts are haemorrhaging right now (never try and decorate multiple rooms at the same time!!!), so I need to be a smart shopper in every way I can.  I do not want to compromise our lifestyle though; I still want us to enjoy treats and days out using best reward credit card points rather than draining the poor bank account yet again!  Those little indulgences are needed after a long day of parenting.

The boys are starting to learn the value of money, eldest sold some toys to raise funds for more of his beloved Skylanders.  I want to encourage them to have a healthy relationship with money, living within their means but still having enough to enjoy the important things in life (like cake… even if its Co-op’s own!).

If you have any money saving tips you could share with me, I would love to read them.  Hubbie and I are not a good combination; neither of us show restraint when it comes to spending.  I wish he was a little angel sat on my shoulder saying step away from that purchase.  But instead he just lets me get on with it…

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