Sunday, 17 March 2013

Easter at Asda

Easter is just around the corner and its time to get stocked up with all the Easter essentials.  It goes without saying chocolate is a pretty high priority (for me anyway!) but we are busy planning the yearly ritual of the Easter hunt!  Asda have made it really easy with their fun kit, it contains rabbit masks, little baskets to quickly pop up and make, card signs to point children in the right direction and egg tokens. 

The tokens are good if you do not want to hide too much chocolate, instead the first person to find 6 numbered tokens gets a prize.  You can play a few times like this without worrying you are stuffing your children full of chocolate!  Generally when we do an egg hunt the boys carry a basket that is crammed full of a variety of chocolate eggs by the end of it (a fair few with bite marks out of them!) and usually stomach-ache follows not long afterwards!!!  So I definitely think its time to try it the Asda way…

The kit only costs £2; given how much is included I was very surprised when I actually saw the price!!!  You get 4 masks, 4 baskets, 12 card signs, 24 Easter egg tokens and shredded tissue (although not enough to nest four baskets, but for the price that is definitely not a gripe!).

Hubbie is planning on making Egg nests with the boys so we were pleased that we were also sent a cupcake decoration kit.  The little bunnies to add to your creations look quite sweet and the cases themselves have a colourful egg design.

You can find out more about the Asda range over on the website, in addition to lots of tips to entertain the children and a tasty recipe to make!

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