Monday, 4 March 2013

Lakeland Steam Mop Review

With all the upheaval in the house, new blinds, floors and furniture; hubbie and I had neglected to think about what we needed to keep our new laminated flooring clean and tidy.  So off we popped to the shops to get a soft bristled brush to take care of the obvious needs (how much stuff do children manage to chuck on the floor when eating meals and snacks!!!), but fortunately Lakeland also came to the rescue with their fabulous steam mop.

Surprisingly no chemicals are needed to keep 99.9% of bacteria at bay – a mean feat in itself with our two messy monsters!  It is a big reassurance as a parent that the floors really are clean (not just looking clean anymore).  My boys love nothing more than floor playtime, getting out their little cars and building Lego, now I do not need to worry that extra germs are happily joining playtime too!  It is also healthier for my boys, for the planet and for my wallet (no more expensive floor wipes!) not needing chemicals and just relying on water.

Although if you live in a hard water area they do recommend adding a water softener to keep your steam mop in tip top condition.

I set hubbie to work to get my floors gleaming after all this is new technology to me (any excuse I know!).  Hubbie took seconds to put the mop together and fill it.  30 seconds more and he was cleaning the test patch!  Hubbie said that the instructions clearly state to do this in case your floor doesn't fit the right criteria, we have laminate flooring, but I was not entirely sure if it was sealed or not (sealed it should be!), we used a patch under furniture to check.  Well the mop did a lovely job and we were then quite happy to continue downstairs. 

Hubbie had the whole of the room done in less than 2 minutes – I was in shock as I have previously been labouring for hours scrubbing on my hands and knees cleaning the floors (I do not aspire to be Cinderella pre-prince!).  He carried on to do the hall way, with half a tank left he would have been easily been able to do the whole of the downstairs without any refilling.  It is not too noisy either, so you could get on with it whilst you children are in bed!  I made hubbie do a little more whilst they were sleeping so I could check this out.

He also said it is not much heavier than a standard mop, given that it offers so much more, I would be happier with this item in my cleaning armory!   Plus I am a weakling so I do need things on the light side...

The aftermath of the cloth shown here is evidence of the hidden dirt on our seemingly clean floors.  With an asthmatic son, I am glad this dirt is being easily cleaned away (so simple I can probably get hubbie to do it regularly!) and am sure I will see an improvement in my son's condition.

Available to buy from Lakeland for £59.99, which is a bargain, given how much more other steam mops are retailing at and how much is included:

I think with the Lakeland name you know your getting quality anyway, so why spend more and with 3 microfiber clothes, no waiting for one to come out of the wash, especially if your trying to tackle a washing pile resembling a rather large MOUNTAIN (what mum's aren't!).


  1. This looks great, anything to make the job list easier! Your hubbie sounds like a diamond xx

  2. £59.99? That's crazy! They're practically giving it away. I'd definitely get one if I didn't already have a steam cleaner. But to anyone who doesn't have one, get one asap! It speeds up the house cleaning process dramatically.