Wednesday, 6 March 2013

More with Orion Books

This week my boys are mainly reading or listening to a lovely selection of books from Orion Books.

I have reviewed various titles from the Early Reader range and it never fails to please our family.  I particularly like that the range has blue and red books so you can progress in difficulty (the blue ones being the first step at reading together).  It is good to have a realistic starting point and be able to see progression moving forward.

The books have charming colourful illustrations, lots to appeal to the young reader and keep then interested.  The content is the same, plenty to maintain their curiosity in reading, wanting to see how the book pans out.  My youngest is lion mad!  Absolutely bonkers about them, he sleeps with about four every night!  So his favourite had to be A Lion in the Meadow.  It was a pleasure seeing his excitement reading about the lion and I particularly like that the questions at the back of the book recaps the story.  Helping it all sink in and see how much they have retained.

Noah’s Ark was another agreeable book to have; it’s an approachable way to start stories from the bible.  Written in a manageable way for younger ones to understand with lots of accompanying pictures.  Murdoch Mole's Big Idea, was all about an ambitious and rather industrious mole intent on building the biggest mole hill in the world, things do not go quite to plan, but it all comes together nicely in the end.  Showing how you can always use your skills to help in some way, a valuable lesson for children.

Priced at £4.99 each, they are just the right price to slowly build up an enviable collection for your children.  If your trying to build on their interest in reading you cannot go wrong here, with such a diverse selection of books.

We were also sent a Horrid Henry factbook (again priced very fairly at £4.99), this was slightly different but hugely entertaining!  Eldest especially enjoyed hearing about what Kings and Queens got up to.  The facts do help support an interest in history.  A good start if you’re hoping to broaden their interest in various subjects.  Eldest was laughing out loud through some of it!  Even I managed to learn something new reading it to him.

Keep an eye on the website for all the latest releases.

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