Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Patchino Chocolate Gifts for Children

We were sent the Paint Blast painting set.  It came with paints, a paintbrush, a lovely plate to decorate and a bag full of Patchino chocolate!  The little eggs in the picture were a welcome extra not part of the actual set.

Patchi expanded in 2002 with this fabulous range aimed at children, using their extensive experience creating the finest chocolate to appeal to a younger market (they certainly worked their magic on my two!).

These make a great gift for children because only part of the present is chocolate; they can also enjoy doing the craft activity and benefit from developing their artistic expression.  The chocolate itself tasted premium, not cheap and nasty like some you would find aimed at children (surely our kids deserve the best too!).

My eldest loved how the bars were foil wrapped under the paper; I think he was hoping to find the Willy Wonka Golden Ticket!  But the packaging did add to the luxury feel of the product and to the excitement of getting to the chocolate.  There was a good mix of flavours, caramel, nuts and crisped rice.

Available to buy from Harrods for £17.95, given that your child can be happily entertained by the activity of painting the plate and then have a lovely keepsake (you can add it to the oven to set the colours afterwards!), I think it’s a fair price for a well thought out product (with exceptionally tasty chocolates an extra bonus!).

Many people go to Harrods in hunt of a little memento of there visit, forget soft cuddly bears; Patchino is the gift you should be heading for.  If you’re lucky your child might let you have a bite of one of their bars!

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  1. Great article! i love Patchi and specially Patchino which is so much fun!