Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Peppa Pig Party #PeppasThemeParkParty

The boys had a fabulous party; the toys went down a treat with everyone!  They were more excited by them than the amazing cake we were also sent.  They only wanted a quick pit stop, as they did not want anything to get in the way of playing. 

The suggested games were fun and got everyone in the spirit of all things Peppa Pig.  The Ferris Wheel memory game bought some much welcomed silence! But it was quite short lived though, as only my eldest could remember the second round of items.  Even I had forgotten haha!

The Balloon ride was the most entertaining with all the spinning around at speed.  But each toy was well made and sturdy, perfect for fans of the show or just children who enjoy theme parks (so a wide appeal).  

It is quite enjoyable queuing up the little characters to hop on and off the rides for a day at the fair.  Although I do think we had some health and safety issues, the Ferris Wheel was a VERY fast ride and the poor characters were flying out in all directions!  But the boys thought this was hilarious… and made it go faster and faster!  I am sure some children played serenely, with a gentle pace for the rides, but this was a fair for the thrill seekers at heart!!!

The cardboard Peppa Pig cut-out caused quite a stir everyone wanted a picture with Peppa.  

The only problem we had was getting children to leave at the end, luckily dangling the party bags as an incentive to leave worked!  Otherwise I think everyone would still be here jumping in the “muddy” puddles and playing with the lovely toys.  

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