Friday, 15 March 2013

Peppa Pig Twitter Party #peppasthemeparkparty

The party box has arrived and it was mighty impressive, youngest was in his element, “mine, mine, mine” – sorting through the box.  It made it that much more difficult for me to try to earmark the ones needed as prizes and those for the party bags!

He has decided he just wants boys at this party, so he is donating the three little soft plush characters (who all happened to be girl characters) to his girlfriends.  I think if Peppa Pig had not been wearing a tutu, he would never have offered to part with her.  He is a HUGE fan of Peppa Pig, but not ballerina’s…

The theme park toys look like lots of fun, the boys have reminisced about their trip to Paultons Park to see Peppa Pig last year and remembered how much they enjoyed all the rides!  The toys are very interactive and great for imaginative play.

Join us and lots of other Peppa Pig fans at the twitter party on the Tuesday the 26th of March by following @ukmumstv #peppasthemeparkparty.  Until then enter the amazing competition on their website for a chance to win the entire Peppa Pig Theme Park set.

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  1. where was my invite that looks like good fun