Friday, 29 March 2013

Popagami Review

I was very excited when this activity book arrived, so was eldest.  

But we got a little stuck after the second page of folding instructions.  I confess I am fairly ditsy so I do think it’s me rather than the diagrams.  Hubbie came home and sat us down and we had a proper Popagami tutorial, with him at the helm I soon got the hang of it.

He was a dab hand straight away!  Eldest felt proud of his handiwork and we all got a lot of satisfaction from trying out something completely new.

From flat paper to amazing 3D characters we were all quite impressed with the end results.  The animals looked great lined up.

They would be perfect centrepieces for a children’s party, you could even have all the children take part as an activity and then keep the animals as prizes.  It would work out much cheaper than hiring entertainment or having to wrap a million layers for pass the parcel (that is like the most tedious thing to do ever!!!).

With a RRP of £7.99 I think the activity books are exceptional value, you might if you’re that way inclined need a little help off someone, but once you get the hang of doing them it’s a simple matter of folding, blowing and admiring a very clever craft creation.  The book comes complete with instructions and plenty of designs to create and ideas of how to use your new little friends (pop-ette chains, mobiles, finger puppets to name but a small few, they really are very versatile!)

Available to purchase from the Popagami website.

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  1. oh they are very cute cant wait for sophie to be a bit older to try this