Thursday, 21 March 2013

Sainsbury’s Easter Finds

We were sent a few of Sainsbury’s Easter items.  We had some useful metal buckets for carrying eggs.  They are a good size, so could carry a variety of chocolate treasures inside.  I love the dot design and they seem quite sturdy, handy to use afterwards to store little toys or just look pretty.

There was also a sign “Easter egg hunt this way!” included – just in case anyone was confused whereabouts the chocolate is hiding!  Perhaps I will use this as a decoy and get everyone on the wrong scent whilst I hog all the eggs for myself (cue evil laughter!).

Some plastic fillable eggs will complete our hunt; it’s always hard to know what to put the teeny eggs in so they do not get ruined.  But with this I can stop only buying big eggs in boxes and take advantage of a variety of cheaper options.

I am really excited that Easter is drawing closer, just the thought of all that chocolate… I have to help the boys out of course, I am just thinking of their teeth!

You can see more of what Sainsbury’s have to offer on their website.  They have an excellent section dedicated to Easter fun too.

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