Friday, 22 March 2013

Schleich’s Occasion Smurfs

My boys were sent a lovely collection of occasion Smurfs.  They are a sturdy group and have survived lots of playtime with youngest, driving them around on his truck, making up stories about them and how they are all related!

I love the designs, they would even be nice for grownups and I think the newly married couple would be perfect on top of any wedding cake.  Am not sure how long Valentine Smurf will last, eldest might sneak him off as a present for his whit woo.  Well saying that he has not yet built the courage to reveal his honourable intentions, he plans on waiting a few years (very sensible given he is only 5!).

Children love toy characters because they can use them alongside everything they already own.  Their cars, their blocks and their Lego, can all be part of the imaginative play.  So these Smurfs are quite versatile, on there own they don’t do much, but in the hand of a child, all sorts of adventures unfold…

My personal favourite is Party Smurfette sitting in a giant cocktail glass, you have to like her style!  For us any of the characters would make fabulous decorative pieces or appropriate little gifts for those special occasions.

Smurfs have long lasting appeal, my two squeal with delight when an episode is shown on television.  It brings back fond memories of watching it as a child, so it’s great to have an opportunity to include the characters in their play.

The characters are individually hand painted which justifies the RRP of £3.39 each.  Available to buy from Amazon. 

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