Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Skylanders Giants celebrate Easter

Eldest had a very exciting delivery today, a Skylanders Giants Easter Egg.  

I thought when he realised it was not made of chocolate he might put on his sulky face but no, when it comes to Skylanders Giants, even the cardboard box is something to be treasured!  He has asked if he can keep the box, I said what for? He looked at me in disgust “its Skylanders Giants…” (Surely that’s reason enough!?!).

He enjoyed decorating the big orange egg with a selection of grown up looking paints; he insisted I make him a little palette so he must have been feeling particularly artistic!  I think the Skylanders Giants acted as the perfect muse for him, inspiring him to paint.

He did one side with Hot Dog and Bouncer on the other.  He is delighted that he also got a Skylanders Giants Mug in the package; I think from now on it’s the only vessel he will drink from!

He is privileged to be one of the rare guardians of a Skylanders Giant Egg and he has gone to bed, hiding it in his room safe from the clutches of Kaos.

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