Tuesday, 30 April 2013

A parenting gripe

When all these clever people work out the cost of raising children, I think it’s not based on the food they eat or the clothes they need, but the destruction they make!  Crayoned walls need repainting, laptop keys get picked off just for kicks (with that I just made do, who need’s F5 anyway? its hugely over rated!) and damaged bits and bobs constantly need replacing!

We seem to go through digital cameras like nobody’s business!  I probably do not help the situation as I let the kids have free roam with them, letting them take random shots of just about anything!  Going on the results over the years its not been an overriding success, we have had plenty of pictures of bits of people, some of their face, lots of their feet, a fair few blurred ones.  

Am not sure what angle they are going for with this shot? Distressed house maybe!  Toy chaos, or maybe just maybe they were trying to take a picture of me given my knee features.  

My boys do not have the making of professional photographers yet… but they are getting marginally more skilled I promise!

Eldest took a lovely one of hubbie and I together, its rare to have one of us both, as usually we have to be the ones taking the picture.  So with this in mind it might be worth getting one more digital camera with them being a little older, it might just survive this time!  The current one has been dropped a few times too, so the batteries are only just clinging on, they fall out occasionally and its not the same getting an impromptu shot whilst your scrambling about trying to get the batteries off the floor AGAIN…

The camera is also featuring a prominent black line across the screen; it isn't there when you download the pictures only when you are trying to see what you are taking a picture of!  My camera hunt has narrowed down to a Canon EOS from Clifton Cameras or maybe a Pentax K30, if I can convince hubbie I deserve to be splashed out on.  We have just had a new sofa and that is bearing up okay, the mass of scatter cushions along the back have yet to be flung across the room or made into dens (although that might be down to us now having the EZ-Fort in residence so my cushions are not as appealing anymore!)… but it would be nice to think my boys are finally learning to respect our belongings! 

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