Saturday, 13 April 2013

Build A Bear Workshop Tour

We were given a tour of the Build a Bear premises in Birmingham, at the Bullring.  Sophie guided us through the process as my boys made up a character each.  She was very patient as they selected from the huge array of different furry friends. 

Eldest predictably chose a bunny and youngest picked a Leopard (he is a fan of lions so this was as close as he could get), so both were very happy with their choices.

Sophie seemed to have a natural way with children; something she mentioned is part of the hiring process, previous work experience with children is valued highly by Build A Bear.  She asked them questions, took an interest in them and made them feel special as they went along the stages involved in making up their new friend.  I think this attentive manner makes a visit to Build A Bear Workshop a magical experience, everything is tailored in a way children are guaranteed to leave happy and content, clutching their new friend tightly with a big smile on their faces!

I was impressed with the variety of different items at each section.  It does make picking hard for children, but does mean their final choice is quite unique to them, down to what it will smell like, what sound it can make and what it is wearing.

They chose to have beating hearts this costs an extra £4.50 each, but if your on a budget you can stick to the free fabric heart offered in the price of your original bear.  All the options can run up the cost, but I think given how much pleasure the experience brings, it is a worthwhile expense, one they will treasure for a very long time.

It was very sweet when the boys added the heart; they rubbed it in different areas first like their tummy so it would never get hungry and their cheeks so it was cheeky.  I felt it was a delightful experience and it touched me seeing the enchantment in my boys’ eyes being involved in their creation.  Memories like this will last a lifetime.

A relatively new addition is the SCENTiments, my boys had a whiff of all the scents and finally settled for Cotton Candy for youngest and Peppermint for eldest.  Priced at £2.50 each I think its quite fun, novel and relatively inexpensive, the smell does come off their toys but it is not too overpowering.  It’s a good thing neither of them chose the chocolate or I might have had to keep it for myself!!!

Fluffing their friends

Naming their new friends

We have Carroty and Lion in residence now and both have settled in well!  Children have a way of losing much-loved toys but at Build A Bear the ID tracking system can help them be reunited!  It’s nice having that extra reassurance, especially when they want to bring them along everywhere we now go!

The quality of their friends is excellent; they are soft and cuddly and look built to last.  We had a very enjoyable time, thank you to Sophie and the rest of the team at Build A Bear for being so welcoming.

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