Monday, 8 April 2013

Cut the Rope Om Nom Review

Eldest swiped this as soon as it arrived; the youngest started sulking until I promised a time-share.  

Here he is on his turn!

The little cutie is much loved already, getting plenty of kisses.  They have had many an animated debate over who gets to show him to nanny first (nanny lives far away so visits are sadly few and far between so when she arrives it’s a moment of great excitement and its nice they wanted to include Om Nom in that too!).

They like hearing him make his sweet chomping sounds.  The PR kindly included some sweets in our package too, I think Om Nom had his eyes on them, but the boys moved quicker…

Eldest enjoys playing Cut the Rope on daddies phone, so it’s only natural he would want the toys to accompany the successful game and recognised Om Nom straight away, I was like look we have been sent an adorable green thing and he just rolls his eyes.  Mummy need’s to stay ahead of the game, if they will ever think of me as cool!

They also have a selection of Nommies, little figures you can collect, all doing different things.  With an RRP of £1.99 they are a nice pocket money treat.  We are currently working on a reward chart system so something like this is a great incentive for them.  

Available to buy from all good toy retailers, talking Om Nom has an RRP of £9.99.   You can find out more from the Vivid Toys website.

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  1. Yuor boys look smitten with the toy i wonder who will get to keep him