Thursday, 4 April 2013

EZ-Fort Review

We were sent this fabulous kit for the boys to build dens, boats, castles, virtually whatever their imagination desires!  For mummy maybe even some kind of baby cage could be devised like on Cougar town if parenting gets too tough!!!  Not that I would ever do that really!  But it just shows how versatile it is for building pretty much anything.

Every time I go to work the boys get excited for hubbie to make them a den, then they get really animated when I return from work, jumping out at me from the depths inside!  The EZ-Fort makes it much easier to do now, hubbie only needs add a few blankets and the boys seem to have plenty of them dotted around!  Otherwise he had to use bits from around the house and I would come home to the sofa cushions propped up around the place, string tied ingeniously and an assortment of pegs generously scattered around the place… (Basically I would return to chaos and that’s being kind about it!).

It is fairly easy to build, so the children can happily give it a try themselves and not have to wait for hubbies superior building skills.  It also keeps them out of mischief for a while, because they have so much choice about what direction to take their building.  Even the pieces double as a telescope, youngest was quite happy just peering through them for a while.

The pack comes with 54 pieces allowing for a sizeable fort for my two boys, which is quite fortunate as when they squabble you can help them make two mini houses, to enjoy separately and more peacefully!

When the weather picks up (we can live in hope!) we have plans to take the creations outside in the garden.  It is very versatile product, allowing a lot of freedom in play whilst still helping them develop important skills.  It is also quite robust, the tubes have survived well the stresses of the five and under at play!

It all fits back into the box at the end of the session too, so storage is not an issue.  I know how important that is because we once had a toy house in the playroom (hogging a big chunk of the room and driving me mad in the process!) but with EZ-Fort we can build one, then when they need floor space tidy it away simply and quickly!

Information on stockists is available from the MAPS Toys website.

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