Monday, 15 April 2013

Jack’s AMAZING Shadow Review

We were sent this delightful book to review by the talented Tom Percival, I settled both my boys in for the story.  

They usually want separate stories in their respective rooms but this luckily generated enough interest I could get story time done in one go!  Not that I ever begrudge them their story, it’s just sometimes come bedtime I am exhausted (okay not sometimes, pretty much EVERY night lol!).

The story was entertaining but also helped teach a valuable lesson about the importance of saying sorry when you have done something wrong.  I am desperately trying to teach my boys manners and respecting other people at the moment, so I am very grateful for any materials that help with that aim…

It is also a useful book to discuss friendship and then raise questions about how your children get on with their own friends, you can explain even your closest friend can fall with you but perhaps with a little time apart you might work it out and be better friends at the end.

The illustrations help set the book out, the magical shadow character does like getting up to mischief!  It reminds me a lot of my youngest son!!!  

At the end of the story eldest tried to make some shadow animals, the book was a fun way to get them interested in shadow shapes with their hands.  It can be a little tricky to do some of the ones featured on the inside of the book (my bunny rabbit looked a little crazy!) but it was an enjoyable extra activity.

You can buy this from the Anova Bookstore for £5.99.

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