Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Lego Chima Review

My boys let out a squeal of excitement upon spotting a Speedorz set each (RRP £9.99)!  They have gone little Lego mad; we have heaps of Duplo that has served us very well over the years, but I see them favouring the Lego aimed at older children now.

The Chima sets are not for the faint hearted!  With one containing the bricks to make a giant loop of fire to whiz through and another a firing weapon for target practise it felt like quite an action packed session… very thrilling!  Just the perfect antidote for those rainy days when you are at a loss what to do with the kids!

The ornate Lego characters are very decorative too, with wings and impressive weapons.  It’s a set perfect for children’s inquisitive minds, the instructions are very clear so they can build it themselves.  It is quite interesting eaves dropping on their adventures, Lego seems to get their imaginations going into overdrive as the characters get up to all sorts of antics.  Although I must admit firing Daddy was a firm favourite too.  Poor Daddy!

We were all quite surprised how fast the vehicles sped off when you pull the rip cord.  We had to have a few races before mastering the ring of fire… queue dramatic drum roll!  Luckily we made it through to race another day.

I think we are all keen to build upon this collection as it can turn into quite the obstacle course if you had enough of the components.  Youngest has his eye on Laval and Longtooth, he has a thing for Wild Cats (Lions especially), so I have a feeling I will be badgered for those particularly.  But eldest and I quite fancy the boulder bowling with the mean looking croc.

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