Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Making a REAL difference in the community

It is very encouraging to see a company as big as SSE allowing their staff (all 22,000 of them!) to take a day off to assist a community project in their local area.  You can even put in a request at volunteering@sse.com if you think your project would benefit from this kind of helping hand.  Reading something like this really helps make me smile, it’s cheering when large companies think of the bigger picture and want to help people (or in this case dogs…)

As you will see in the following video volunteering can make a real difference.  The Greyhound Rescue in Fife helps re-home retired greyhounds, which deserve a loving forever home!  It is saddening to think 30,000 are looking for a new home every year.  It is a very touching video; I always feel emotional watching animals (and want to adopt them all!).

Thankfully at this lovely sanctuary 100 greyhounds are re-homed every year.  Caring for the greyhounds is an expensive business, they chomp through 280kg of food a week so any support is always very much appreciated as you can imagine.  With so much to do looking after 40 dogs, all those walks, fusses and feeds, it’s a big help having a few extra hands to share the load.  So they were obviously grateful for the help of the “Community at Heart” volunteering project.

I just wish more companies would follow in SSE footsteps!

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