Thursday, 4 April 2013

My Baking Hubbie

My husband is a dab hand at baking.  If I have had a trying day with the children and look at him pleadingly for long enough he usually folds and bakes me up a fresh batch of something.  Cake always seems to take the edge off my stresses, there is always an occasion for it!!!

His signature cake is usually very chocolaty.  I think I must put on calories just being in the same room as it.  

His rocky road bars are the talk of the town; one fundraiser there was a big queue to get close to them.  People were going back for seconds, thirds…

The only thing is he is not really dressed for baking.  The children and I all have aprons; the boys even have little matching chef hats too!  Hubbie on the other hand seems to wipe flour and other random ingredients all over his clothes.  Sigh. 

I guess I can forgive him for keeping me in a ready supply of cake, but still I think its time he dressed appropriately!  I do not think he would thank me if I suggested something pink and frilly, so an apron a bit more manly. 

Am not sure if those two words (apron and manly) can live happily alongside each other, so possibly I think the naked chef nailed it cooking in the all together.  But I think it’s safer to don a quality apron for the task at hand!  I don’t want him to scorch anything…

Actually forget the manly part, I have found the perfect solution.  One that will guarantee my future happiness…

Do you think he will get the hint?  If not I will up my game and get him the whole co-ordinating range!  With every kitchen accessory shouting out my desire for more cake!!!

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