Wednesday, 3 April 2013

NaturePaint Review

Painting in a house with children present is always an interesting experience, I am usually panic stricken the fumes from the paint will set off my son’s Asthma.  As an asthmatic myself, I always find that decorating unsettles me.  I need to up my inhalers and spend a good week getting right again.  The fumes seem to hang around, even with the windows constantly open, it seems a long drawn out process to get the house back to normal.

With the help of United Van Lines we moved out when we had the last lot of decorating done.  It is never ideal moving back in with your own parents for a week, especially when you love your own independence and are no longer used to the nagging (parents always seem ready to take on their “role” regardless of how old you get!).  My hubbie after a week with his in-laws looked a little fraught to say the least…

So we were excited to review Nature Paint, it is a pitched as a very natural paint, made with non-toxic ingredients.  So we had high hopes that the claim you could use a newly painted room immediately would be true.  It did not let us down (thankfully!), the room smells as it did before it was painted.  The fumes are not lingering around, making us all cough and splutter.  We do not need to leave a window open (in the cold weather this can be a bind, when your nice heating is going straight outside!).

I was so confident in the product; I even let the boys have a little turn at painting.  

My hubbie said it was a bit thin so he was struggling a little with the paint, but I put it down to his technique rather than the product.  As you are supposed to wait 20 minutes for it to thicken, let’s just say he is not the most patient of individuals!

The coverage seemed good, we used one coat so far and I am quite impressed it did a pretty decent job.  I love the colour (Furze), it has brightened up our kitchen, we had plans to do my office, but the kitchen is the most distressed room in the house, so it was time it had some TLC.

When we plan to decorate next I think this paint will be a definite consideration, as I do not want the upheaval of moving out again!  My friend hires a painter, books a holiday and tries to get around the disruption doing that.  But it can get expensive doing it that way!  With Nature Paint you know your children will sleep safely and comfortably as soon as it’s dry, so life can go on as usual, saving a fortune in the process.

You can find out more about the product on their website.

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