Thursday, 4 April 2013

No Black Cats in Pet Food Branding

I have recently been watching the branding of pet foods more closely than usual. I have always been interested in advertising anyway so I suppose this is just one way in which my interest is expanding. One thing I have realised is that black cats are rarely used on the packaging. Wondering why, I went home to my three cats, called for Cola, my black cat, who came bouncing through the garden and tried to picture him on an advert whilst fussing over him a little. 

Now, I also have a tabby and a very dark tabby (you can’t really see any stripes anymore but his coat has a grey base which you can see if his fur moves through the wind) and know that Purina have used tabby cats before which is perhaps to do with their dark packaging. Grey cats are quite popular models with all the gourmet ranges I have noticed and of course, who can forget the classic black and white Felix?

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I then went into the kitchen cupboard and got out the Hill’s Science Plan and, yes, more tabbies. With the white background they have on their packaging, surely a black cat would be emphasized and would make a statement? Feeling sorry for Cola (stupidly, I know, why should he care about whether he could be a model or not?) I began to wonder whether there is a deficiency of black cats in advertising because there is still a stigma attached that they bring bad luck…

I searched online looking at images of cat foods and discovered that, indeed there are no black cats on any of them (there has to be at least one somewhere), but also that tabbies really are everywhere! I would have thought that the message that pet food companies, such as Eukanuba, are trying to get across would be that they sell affordable food for all cats. Tabbies seem unique in my mind because of their markings so if I were in pet food advertising the classic black cat would be my port of call in order to encase a large demographic. Perhaps I should consider training my tabby to become a model, though, rather than my lovely black cat… 

This is a guest post (by a fellow cat lover) 

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  1. It's cat racism, pure and simple. Cola and Misha should lead a campaign!