Wednesday, 17 April 2013

PaddlePak Review: Meet Willy the Whale

I always thought Trunki was just about the famous sit on toy, well how wrong was I!  They have expanded quite dramatically since then, with a whole array of useful and practical items for children.

We were sent the adorable Whale PaddlePak (RRP £29.99) to review, these are splash-proof backpacks perfect for trips to the beach or basically anywhere you find lots of water (being in Wales that means almost everywhere!).  Children like getting wet and splashing around, but their prized possessions can stay dry and safe inside these clever bags.

Eldest had seen the adverts on telly and had plans for Willy the PaddlePak to be his new swimming bag.  I think they are ideal for this purpose.  

He went to a swimming birthday party yesterday and he came home and the bag was dry ready for his first swimming lesson with school today!  I do not have to send him with a plastic bag to keep his wet things in which can be a safety risk (children seem to like wearing them over their faces and causing parents to have major panic attacks!), the PaddlePak did the job!  He was not sporting a wet back as his trunks had dripped out all over him.

There was plenty of storage room for his towel, trunks and armbands.  You could also add some goggles in there and a bottle of shampoo if needed; the 10 litres capacity is ample for the task!  If you have a younger child, there is the very colourful tropical range with a smaller capacity (7.5 litres), these look very appealing and bright!  They have an RRP of £19.99.

Those first swimming lessons can be a daunting experience for children, so I know he has gone that little bit more excited for having a new PaddlePak to show all his friends!  Mummy is feeling that little bit happier knowing he has a light weight bag he can manage, that will keep him nice and dry.  It’s a big step letting our children gain independence, thank you to Trunki for helping me along that journey…

To see more of what Trunki has to offer check out their website.

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  1. Oooh we won one of these on the Trunki FB page - can't wait to see it up close. We went for the lobster!