Monday, 29 April 2013

Playfoam Review

We were sent a Combo 8 pack (RRP £9) of this glorious foam from Learning Resources. 

I loved the texture; it’s quite an interesting material to mould.  The boys thought it was great stuff, they keep returning to it again and again.  I think how it feels is a big plus point as it’s more unique to what they normally shape with. 

Even with our fancy new sofa I have relented and am letting them play with it in the living room.  It has not marked anything and is effortless to tidy up afterwards, at worst you might just have a few rogue tiny balls that have come loose that can easily be picked up (or carried on your sock to the bin!).

It has not dried out yet, I thought the claims might be slightly exaggerated (“never dries out”), but it is still very easy to mould and use so I think they are on to something with this.  We have definitely found a strong contender for Playdoh here.  We have faced our usual problem whereby all the colours seem to have all mixed in together, but I am quite laid back with this.  I know some parents insist the colours be kept separately, but sometimes I let them live a little and it can make for some interesting shades!

It is fun to play with on its own or you can add a whole assortment of craft materials (feathers, stick on eyes, pipe cleaners) to extend the session even longer.  We made some puppet Playfoam characters so they could make up a story about an underwater adventure.  

The set was great value if you think they had the enjoyment of crafting with it and then using their imaginations to play with their creations.

Afterwards they played catch after rolling them into a ball.  So it turned into a physical workout too!

I am developing a fond spot for the materials available on the Learning Resources website, it could get expensive but my boys do need that opportunity to unleash their creative urges - otherwise they may be tempted to take to our newly painted walls with pens instead eeek…


  1. Looks interesting! Is it safe? Could I use it with my 18 month old?

  2. It is non toxic but recommended age is 3+, so an idea to hang on to I think, you know what kids are like for trying to eat things, everything goes in the mouth! x

  3. This looks fab. Do you know what age they are appropriate for?