Monday, 22 April 2013

Poppy Cat Partners with Woodland Trust

My two love being outdoors so it’s nice for them to be involved in the new campaign with Poppy Cat and Woodland Trust.  Somebody was very excited to receive a whole load of Poppy Cat treats as you can see!

Given how much Poppy Cat loves adventures and exploring with all her friends I think this is the perfect match! 

Youngest is in awe of Poppy Cat, so it’s a good role model to encourage children to get outside and make the most of their surroundings.  Some children do need that extra little nudge to get out in the fresh air!

You still have time to be involved too; there is Poppy Cat content available to download at Visit Woods, which can make a normal walk much more exciting!  Plenty of activities to keep children engaged and hopefully no more complaints about tired little feet, as they are too busy spotting items for their Mystery Trail Adventure!!!

You keep even print out the little badge for them to look the part, playing wildlife detective!  After a long walk you can all collapse on the sofa, talk about your adventures and pop on an episode of Poppy Cat...

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