Thursday, 4 April 2013

Singing with Skype

There is something quite beautiful and therapeutic listening to a choir singing.  Myself I sound like a screeching cat, I have no talent whatsoever, so I quite enjoyed watching the video and seeing those people who do!

It is crazy how technology is advancing all the time; when they performed live using Skype they then added another 30 individuals dotted around the world to sing alongside them.  It really adds a lovely dimension to the music.

I already see the benefits of Skype as a family the boys have enjoyed seeing their godparents, after their visit last month they have really missed them and having a weekly chance to see their faces has eased their sadness somewhat.  They love telling them jokes and trying to make them laugh.

But I think this is quite inspirational, connecting people all over the globe for a common purpose, combining their musical ability in a unique way.  Although bless some of them have to be on hand crazy early in the morning and others quite late at night!  But even with those tricky time differences, they did it, achieving something new and truly spectacular!

I just wonder why they did not ring me up?!? Surely the screeching cat sound would have complimented the choir so well ;)

Enjoy the video, I know I did!

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