Wednesday, 29 May 2013

A little retail therapy

I am not a big drinker but with the last few days I have had (finally trying to teach the youngest that no actually means no and sticking to it!) the idea of installing a bar in our house is getting ever more tempting!!!  I had a look on IKEA to get some inspiration, but the items there were a little too bright and chunky looking for my liking.

I have found some nice bar stools from Lakeland Furniture that would look quite stunning.  But I want something understated and quite classic, luckily they have some leather ones too, so any one feeling like cocktails at mine?!?   

We can swivel round in them to lighten our moods and the padded seats look very comfortable.

Really I think it’s an excuse just to get any new furniture, because there is nothing like a little retail therapy to help a frazzled mummy raise a smile again.  Plus when it comes to clothes shopping I am a little clueless, I have no sense of fashion and live in hoodies, jeans and trainers.  So perhaps I can show more of an acquired taste when it comes to my furniture purchases.

We have spent a bit on the house lately, trying to drag it into the 21st Century.  But we have been making do with lots of our old furniture; it is all looking a little weathered.  With two rampaging boys its no wonder why really, although I think I will have my work out convincing hubbie of the merits of a bar.  He would rather spend the money on a wireless gaming chair I am sure!  So perhaps I shall never be the sophisticated cocktail drinker spinning (rather manically) around on my fancy bar stool after all… (Sob, cry!).  Instead I will have to find room for some overpriced (and over-sized!) chair to give hubbie an unbeatable gaming experience.  YAWN!

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