Saturday, 11 May 2013

ChillFactor Review

Eldest was excited when this arrived, he wanted to make a Coke slush more than anything.  Even though it’s quite miserable, rainy and a little cold, the excitement of drinking one was too much!  So I can imagine it would be even more refreshing on a hot summer day.

It was quite easy to get started; we just placed the special cup in the freezer and waited for the liquid inside its walls to freeze solid.  Eldest seemed happy to wait for it to do that, we set if off in the morning, so he could look forward to an indulgent treat after a long day at school.  Plus he was having a friend over after school, so wanted to show him it as well.

For £12.99 its fairly affordable even having one for each child to cool off in summer.  Definitely one way to encourage them to get more fluids down them (admittedly in solid form!), you can also make them much healthier by making fresh fruit juice slush.  Basically any chilled drink they love can turn into an enjoyable slush!

Just watch out for brain freeze!!!

The novelty, ease of use and convenience make this a unique and quite clever gift, I think especially for older children who can be harder to buy for (they have outgrown having toys everywhere!).

I was not entirely confident that a little squeezing in a frozen cup would convert the Coke into slush, but it was nice to be proven wrong.  It really does work, now we do not need to make a special visit to the Ice Cream kiosk for the boys slush fix!  Creating it at home works out so much cheaper (and least you know what exactly they have put into their drink, so can control all the E numbers if you wanted!).

We certainly will not be having Coke every time, it was just a treat because they saw what looked like a can of it on the packaging, so if you hide that, you can put the idea into young children’s head’s its only for healthier alternatives…

ChillFactor is now available from Character.

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