Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Craving Sleep

I love sleep, but to ensure a good night of it I need many things, complete darkness, complacent children and a comfy bed!  I used to be able to sleep pretty much anywhere back in the “teenage years”, but I have realised my body is not as young as it used to be and it now craves comfort at the end of a long day!  I slept on a blow up bed during the weekend whilst staying at my sister in laws and every time hubbie moved I nearly sprang out of bed…

Buying a decent mattress can be an expensive business though, so I sorely wish I had shopped around rather than buy one from the same place we bought our new Ottoman bed.  A memory foam mattress from Zleeps would have saved me a small fortune and left more money to top up my holiday fund (I am a little addicted to holidays!). 

If you want to feel even more indulgent you could team it up with a mattress topper from the Zleeps site too, I think then a good nights sleep would be pretty much guaranteed!  I do like going that extra mile to get some sleep, for winter I like to wear my cashmere bed socks.  So I think I am missing a trick not owning a mattress topper in the Missing Sleep residence.

Now I just need to work on the complacent children…  What with calls of “I’m scared”, requests for a drink or to use the toilet!  I think I am a long way off getting there, but least the comfortable bed and the complete darkness I have mastered!  We are also making some progress with the boys, they do not get up quite as early as they used to thanks to our trusty groclock.

And if hubbie dares start snoring, my technique is to gently nudge him awake, feign complete ignorance then let myself go straight back to sleep!!!  After all I need to be alert to cope with the stresses and strains of another days parenting, there is only so much caffeine you can have in a day to get by on!

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