Thursday, 9 May 2013

Keeping busy at home

Being a stay at home mum can be tough sometimes you feel like you want to help contribute to the costs of running the home but you do not know where to start.  I turned to blogging to bring in some toys and experiences for my boys we would never have afforded otherwise.  I know some do it for the love of the written word or to document special memories, I did it for my two monkeys and to improve their quality of life.  Not that any amount of toys, books and trips to theme parks replace cuddles and time spent together, they are though a very welcome bonus and have cut down the money we would have spent on those things normally.  

Blogging even keeps us in snacks:

Meaning the money hubbie brings home stretches that much further.

Blogging has given me a renewed confidence in myself; I enjoy interacting with PR’s and my readers.  I feel I have my purpose, a mum and a blogger and have built up my skills in writing and social media.  There are so many more options for mums these days, flexible working or job sharing for example but finding an outlet from home is often the most convenient.

Survey Compare has quite a detailed article for stay at home mums which can be helpful if you just stepping out wondering what you could do in the home (cutting out those pesky childcare costs in the process).  You might be like me and start blogging after reading other blogs; hopefully mine has inspired some to start themselves.  I enjoy the flexibility of doing the main bulk of work in the evenings whilst the boys are sleeping, although I do have to fend off the odd grumbles of hubbie that I am not spending any quality time with him!!!

But there are other options open to you.  I think I might be tempted to try the market research one and doing mystery shopping.  Shopping would be even more fun if someone else was paying for it!

Where we live there is the odd jewellery maker and cake baker, both of which leave you free to work from home, although I know I would never make cakes to sell (I would be too tempted to let them leave my kitchen!) and I lack the creative flair to make beautiful jewellery.  So for me I will stick to blogging for now.

If you wondered what else you could when working from home read the full article to be inspired, it could open up a whole new calling for you!  After all there is only so much Cbeebies you can watch…

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