Thursday, 9 May 2013

More Lakeland Steam Power!

We have been lucky enough to review the Lakeland steam mop in the past and now have another chance to indulge in yet more steamy action (oh arrgh missus) from Lakeland with their Steam Iron.
Now I am not keen on ironing to say the least so I have delegated the chore to hubbie, he has in-depth field experience when it comes to ironing I have had him chained to the ironing board with huge piles of clean washing to straighten out for years now!  I think I actually had it written in our wedding vows, thou shalt iron the clothes till the end of time (forget all that love and blah blah business!).

Hubbie was prone to outbursts of moaning at doing the ironing but this was largely down to the iron we used to have. Complaints like poor stream control, leaking and sticking to clothes even on a low heat were grinding him down and bringing him dangerously close to reallocating the task to me!  Well I could not have that…

So far hubbie has ironed a few baskets full and I haven’t heard a peep out of him, what bliss.

Onto the specs of the useful hubbie quieting iron:

2400w power                                                   
Stainless steel sole plate
40gm constant steam
100gm shot of steam Vertical Steam (for those stubborn creases)
Anti calc, anti drip
320ml tank
3m cord

All that for £39.99, frankly a great price for a great product!

Hubbie has also found the length of the cord being 3 meters gives ample room to manoeuvre especially around his shirts.  Seeing the glee on his face I decided to try it out; to hubbies’ shock I picked up one of his best shirts, but I did him proud and with the help of the Lakeland Steam Iron did a magnificent job!  Really I should not have excelled in this task, now he has expectations for me to do it again… so thank you Lakeland for that!  Damn it your iron is just too good!


  1. hubby looking good there with the iron do you hire him out?

  2. lol bless him, good idea for the future, keep him busy and out of mischief! :) x