Sunday, 12 May 2013

Our favourite walk

To coincide with National Walking Month we are teaming up with AXA PPP healthcare to discuss our favourite walk.  If you head along to their facebook page you can gets lots of tips on fitness and walking during the month, hopefully helping you feel inspired to make the most of the benefits of waking.

We are quite an active family; we enjoy being outside in the fresh air, taking long walks in the countryside followed by a nice picnic.  Now youngest has built up his stamina it’s getting easier to go further, without complaints about his poor legs hurting and demanding to be carried!

Living in Wales we are surrounded by beautiful scenery and great views, I would have said that my favourite walk would definitely have been found here.  But having seen the children’s sheer delight on a recent holiday at Center Parcs, I think our new firm family favourite is the walks around Sherwood Forest.  I can secretly dream of Robin Hood in his dashing tights and the boys can enjoy all the lovely wildlife.

Everywhere you go there are tiny rabbits hopping about, squirrels scurrying everywhere hiding nuts and an assortment of feathered friends on the look out for an edible treat.  

Tiny ducklings have wondered across our path followed by a protective mum and we have braved passing a fair few big swans.  Seriously even the wood pigeons here are rather on the large size!  I think they are super sized from the generous donations of nuts and seeds all the visitors bring with them!

The walks are not too demanding, as most are quite level which is a relief with young children in tow.  If it was just hubbie and I, we might have preferred to be challenged a little more.  But for families the woodland, lakes and abundance of wildlife make it quite magical.

We even found a baby toad

As a child I had quite severe hay fever, I was always sneezing frantically with my eyes watering non-stop.  Thankfully my symptoms have lessened considerably as I have got older.  But it can be helpful when it comes to children to get advise from an expert.  Luckily AXA PPP healthcare are holding a live chat on baby and child allergies, which would be a great asset for those about to embark on adventures in the great outdoors!

The chat will take place on the AXA PPP healthcare website from 11-1pm on Wednesday 29 May with the very capable Health nurse Kamilla Doughery on hand to answer any questions you may have.  You can even register to receive an email so you do not forget to attend (my memory is hopeless so that would be a helpful prompt for me anyway!).  Don’t worry if you can’t make the live chat – you can submit a question in advance and an AXA PPP healthcare expert will email you a direct response, I have asked my own.  My son is asthmatic, so I would like to know the best way to manage this whilst still encouraging him to be active.  Outside there can be quite a few triggers for him with all the pollen, so I want to do what I can to keep him well.

Happy walking everyone!

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