Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Our Mexican Evening

We had a lovely selection of Discovery goodies sent to us to have our own Cinco de Mayo celebration.  Officially it’s on the 5th of May but I could not hold off creating our mouth-watering fajita’s until then…

I love fajitas and we enjoy Discovery products regularly.  But the Garlic & Herb soured cream is a new product so we were excited to try this out. 

We did not go with some fancy recipe because it’s so simple to just go along with the one on the pack.  I like the ease of cooking the meal as come the end of the day I am pretty exhausted so I want something straightforward but very tasty for my dinner.

The soured cream was a perfect accompaniment to the fajitas, we had cheese, the salsa and a bowl with the chicken with peppers all ready to go, but I enjoyed it even more than usual adding the soured cream.  The garlic & herb was a nice sauce not too overwhelming. 

But if we were to make our own recipe, I would use the ingredients to flavour the chicken and create a Discovery Mexican pizza accompanied with lots of soured cream in the new flavour of course and thick wedges on the side.

You can find out more on the Discovery website.

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